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Indy Marketing and Design is a full suite Digital Advertising Agency specializing in connecting you with your clients, by expertly representing your brand. We use digital platforms as a vehicle to advertise directly to your current and potential customers through highly targeted content and strategic solutions. We’re fueled by data, collaboration, and the passion to tell brand stories.

Research and Collaboration

Indy Marketing and Design was created on the value of bringing authenticity to marketing. We focus on real connections and real engagement.

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We make you look good

We believe in growth driven results, backed up by analytics and reporting. Tangible data to prove we are adding value to your business.

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Strategic Solutions

With digital media, it has never been easier to personally connect and interact with current and potential clients. Your company deserve to be heard, so leave it to the experts!

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At Indy Marketing & Design we offer an extensive lineup of digital marketing services designed to make your business succeed.

Social Media Management
Online Advertising
Web Development
Photography / Videography
Marketing Research / Strategy
Graphic Design

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The Interview

First we conduct an interview of your current situation and climate in the market place.  We identify you pain points and determine where you want to focus your marketing efforts. We get an expert level idea of how you want to be represented and how you want your voice to be heard.


We do an internal audit, followed by market research for your particular sector. We get to know your competitors and identify your target market. We then determine what would appeal and resonate with your audience.

Planning & Development

We then move into the plan and design phase. We develop a specific marketing plan tailored to achieve optimal results and the best return on your investment. No company is the same, so no strategy will be the same. Our plan will help our clients and us, stay on track to hit our goals.

Content Creation

Now comes the content creation and implementation. Everything from social media posts to engaging websites, this is the fun part. We experiment with different strategies to determine which piece of content performs well for your target audience. 

Analytics & Reporting

We always follow up with analytics and reporting because how else are you going to determine success? we take that data, refine what we need to and BOOM! Perfectly executed digital marketing efforts, specifically designed for your targeted audience.